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Discover the Magnetic Secret to Alignment, Flow and Client Attraction

This Challenge Will Help You Become Magnetic!
💜Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs...
who are tired of struggling and working long hours with disappointing results.
Are you ready to shift your energy and become the bridge of light that shines the way for your dream clients?
When You Complete These 5 Days You'll:

💜 Feel Magnetic by Raising Your Vibe
💜 Have More Clarity as You Align
💜 Create Your To-Do's From Inspiration
💜 Eliminate Overwhelm
💜 Shift Out of Struggle & Into Flow
💜 Become Effortlessly Productive

This is not just your ordinary fluffy challenge.  This program is valued at $497 and today, you can get it for only $97 

Your Investment is $497

Here's What People Are Saying

I would have paid hundreds of dollars for this 5-Day Do in your BEingness Challenge. During the Challenge I was able to visualize my client, gain more clarity about what I wanted to manifest, learned how to connect to a higher vibration and expanded my awareness on what makes my field magnetic. I was even able to manifest something I wanted during the Challenge! Donna & Lisa are magnetic, professional and very knowledgeable. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to participate. 
~ Rev. Maryam N. Sardari, MS, ATR
This DO in your BEingness Challenge exceeded my expectations! I received so much value and I would have paid whatever you charged because it's worth it. Donna & Lisa have amazing energy and they genuinely care about helping you succeed. 
I struggled with understanding why I wasn't attracting my dream clients and during the Challenge I was able to get really specific on what type of clients I want to attract. I also tapped into some negative beliefs I had and was able to reframe them. I'm so grateful for the new awareness I have. 
~ Nikki Williams, Mental Health and Mindfulness Copywriter
I had tried the step by step processes for marketing and copy but it wasn't aligned with what I wanted to teach. During the DO in your BEingness™ Challenge, I was able to gain clarity in being present with everything that I do in my business. I was also able to feel more comfortable with the way my business unfolds, rather than burning myself out doing more that what is required for growth.
~Sarah Perez, Reiki Master-Teacher & Spiritual Business Mentor
Manuela manifested a dream client just hours after our very first call together. She has great expertise but selling is not her strength. We energetically supported her and sent her transmissions of Light. She felt empowered, made the call and effortlessly enrolled her dream client.

Donna & Lisa are magical. Love their energy and they get right to your issue in an instant. I was feeling sniffles at the beginning and by the end, I felt great! Complete healing from their energy. If you want to experience a high vibration flow, work with them. 
~ Pam Perry, PR Solutions

Bonnie, is an amazing coach. Her services could help anyone, but she was not clear on her exact dream client so she struggled to attract them. Working with her she quickly got clear on her dream clients and within one day of our call, she secured 4 new clients! 
~ Bonnie McVee, Salt & Pepper Coaching

Your Expert Mentors

Meet Donna & Lisa

"Donna and Lisa are a magical duet. Their energy is fantastic and you can feel the excitement in what they teach. They are patient and have both practical knowledge and higher-power wisdom." ~ SP

Align 💜 Magnetize 💜 Quantum Leap

Guiding Coaches & Experts to Magnetize Clients and Manifest Prosperity

We Specialize in Doing Business The New Way

 Merging Practical Strategies, Spiritual Practices & Invisible Tools
to Actualize Your Dream Business

We intuitively guide our clients on a fun, high vibe & magical journey that quantum leaps their success.
Our clients shift their energy and become manifesting magnets, attracting dream clients
& manifesting prosperity into their business and life.

We are Business Partners & Founders of Divine Manifesting Academy™ and Creators of The MAGICAL Method™
We're Your:
Business Paradigm Shifters
High Vibe Reality Catalysts
Spiritual Manifesting Guides
 Illuminators of Joy, Love & Light
Alignment & Ascension Mentors

This Challenge Will Shift Your Energy as You Discover the Magnetic Secret to Alignment, Flow and Client Attraction
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