Wondering NOW, with Social Distancing,
How To Grow Your Business?

We MUST Be Willing To Shift Into A New Way, A New Reality!

Discover A Simple And Easy Way To Grow Your Business, Gain More Visiblity And Create More Impact in The World...

Remember What it Was Like  Running To Networking Meetings Only To Find Out No One Understood You?

We Want You To Know That 
YOU & Your Gifts are Needed in the World...
Right NOW!

Do you wish there was a simple way to find YOUR Tribe?

That's Exactly Why We Created 
The Conscious Community Circle

Why Join A Virtual, Global Networking Circle?

  • With social distancing, there are limited in-person gatherings, and growing your business online is becoming more and more important.
  • ​Save Time, Gas and Dollars by Joining a Virtual Community
  • ​Be Assured You Are Spending Time Building Relationships With YOUR Tribe 
  • ​Enjoy Affordable Accountability & Guidance From Two Expert Mentors 
  • ​Practice Taking The "Stage", Speaking and Sharing Your Message to Create More Impact 
  • ​Connect with a Global Network, Increase Your Visibility, Be with Like-Minded People

As a Solopreneur, You May Be Feeling Disconnected, Discouraged and Not Able to Make the Impact You Desire. 

This leads to:

  • Questioning Your Value
  • Getting Distracted 
  • And Losing Focus on What Will Move the Needle Forward in Your Business

Especially Now With The State of The World 
Shifting Your Business Practices Online Will Help You Survive!

Does This Resonate?

You're tired of feeling like a Lone-Wolf, having to constantly go it alone while spinning in doubt, frustration and overwhelm.


You know your message will help millions yet you're still not getting the reach or engagement you desire.

Lisa is awesome! I love how much she cares about her clients get the results they seek. She put all her heart and soul into her work! Lisa can offer you clarity about your business and your offers. Lisa can help you see how valuable and needed your services actually are. ~ Dorra Azizi, Sacred Calling and Soul Alignment Coach


Conscious Community Circle

When You Say YES to Joining The Conscious Community Circle

Conscious Community Circle
You'll Get to Practice:
  • Your "What Do You Do" Statement
  • Being Consistent
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Connecting & Collaborating
  • Speaking on Different Platforms
  • Aligning Your Energy with your Soul's Desires
  • Elevating Your Impact and Visibility
  • And so much more.
Imagine what you could accomplish if you felt at home surrounded by the energy of other conscious entrepreneurs also 
growing their business!
Donna emanates JOY! I have known Donna for years from her being part of The Wellness Universe (WU) community. 
She steps up and over-delivers in all ways! From being a WU Ambassador, to a WU Featured Expert to being a wellness practitioner at our SoulTreat retreat in Sedona, Donna walks her talk! If you ever have a chance to work directly with 
her, say YES! A loving being to surround yourself with.  ~ Shari Alyse, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Self-Love Coach


  • Monthly, 60-minute Virtual, Lightly Structured Video Networking Circle
  • Collaborate with a Conscious Tribe
  • Monthly Training (audio, video, PDF)
  • Annual Membership Allowing Time to Build Solid Relationships
  • Speaking & Connection Opportunities to Get Your Message Out!
  • Be Part of a Global Network
  • Increase your Exposure and Impact
  • Sharpen your Skills & Renew your Energy
  • Gain Referrals and JV Partners
“Donna, you’re an absolute delight. I love your energy. I love your passion. I love your vision. I love your heart. 
love the Light that you are.”  ~ Rev. Anne P.

Let's Compare...

If You Join Business Network International (BNI)...

  • You'll have to wait until in person gatherings are acceptable again.
  • ​You can spend up to $800 annually when you include food and gas
  • You'll be spending time commuting back and forth to the meeting
  • ​You don't have a chance to build real relationships
  • Most members have brick and mortar businesses and they just don't get us ;)

When You Join the Conscious Community Circle (CCC)...

  • You get to meet online in the comfort of your own home and practice safety with social distancing.
  • ​You spend less than 1/4 of the cost for the membership fee 
  • There is no commute time or money spent on gas
  • Every member has a global online business.  
  • ​Each member is unique, gifted, conscious and wants to make a positive impact on the world.


When you join us, you'll gain momentum in your business.
You'll practice sharing your message authentically and consistently, showing up and getting visible consistently, building relationships with like-minded people (who actually get you) and being in the energy of other high-vibe, conscious souls where you feel at home.

Can You See How This Will Propel You Forward in Your Business?

This is NOT a "Membership Site"

By joining, you become an integral part of the Conscious Community Circle.  

The Difference:
This is not simply a membership site with a platform where you log in to watch videos. Rather, it's a living, breathing community supported by the energy of you, other members, your expert guides and the higher realms.

If you're craving connection and collaboration with other spiritual-based entrepreneurs and you're ready to meet others live and have some accountability, this community circle is for you.

During the monthly gatherings you get to show up live and meet other people, share your message, practice your skills, make friends, collaborate and grow your business.
Before working with Lisa, I struggled with how to have clarity in message, clarity in ideal client, and writing effective copy. Lisa is so intuitive, patient, kind and understanding in helping work through all the jumbled thoughts to miraculously make sense of it all.  ~ Laurie Sever/Confidence Coach

Join Us Today and Save 50%

ONLY $594 $297 
For the ENTIRE Year!

Save when billed annually.  Payment option available.

  • Monthly 60-Minute Conscious Community Circle Sessions: Join this lightly structured networking-style, virtual meeting from anywhere in the world to practice, share and connect (and you just need to be "camera ready" from the waist up).  
  • Annual Membership: Become part of a global network allowing adequate time to build solid relationships that can lead to collaborations, partnerships and referrals.
  • Renew Your Energy: This community is the perfect place to show up, get lifted up and feel rejuvenated. It's time to stop hiding and get social with YOUR people!  
  • Increase Your Impact & Exposure:  Share your message, meet new friends, learn new skills, gain speaking opporunities, and more!
  • Two Mentors: You get both Donna and Lisa's guidance, energy and expertise when you join the circle.

We guarantee you'll grow personally and professionally!

We Meet the First Wednesday of the Month at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST

Conscious Community Circle

We Look Forward to You Being in Our 
Conscious Community Circle!

Your Expert Mentors

Meet Donna & Lisa

Donna Burgher and Lisa Meisels are international leaders in manifesting, spirituality and business. 
They are Spiritual Manifesting Guides, Alignment & Ascension Mentors, Heart-Centered Business Paradigm Shifters and High-Vibe Reality Teachers.
They specialize in activating their clients highest frequency so they can actualize their dream business. 
Their clients become manifesting magnets, attracting their dream clients and manifesting prosperity into their business and life.

They intuitively guide spiritual seeking coaches and experts on a fun, high vibe & magical journey that quantum leaps their success, impact and prosperity. They focus on The New Way of doing business, using “invisible” tools to live a joyful and abundant life.

They are the Founders of Divine Manifesting Academy and Creators of The 7-Step MAGICAL Method.

Don't Forget About The Guarantee!

We are so confident that this is the best thing we've done together, that if in the first month you don't get the value we will give you a full refund.



>> A specialty coffee each week
>> Dining out for lunch once a month
>> One convenience dinner each month
>> A nice bottle of wine once a month
>> A new (un-necessary) clothing item once a month
>> More essential oils or gemstones

You could instead invest in creating more impact and growing your business.

The decision is yours. Follow your heart.

Here's a Reminder of What You Get...

  • Monthly 60-Minute Conscious Community Circle Sessions: Join the virtual meeting from anywhere to practice, share and connect.
  • ​Annual Membership: Giving you the time to build solid relationships that can lead to collaborations, partnerships and referrals.
  • ​​Renew Your Energy: Show up, get lifted up and feel rejuvenated. 
  • Increase Your Impact & Exposure: Share your message, promote your services, learn new skills, gain opporunities, and more!
  • ​​Two Mentors: You get both Donna and Lisa's guidance, energy and expertise when you join the circle.

Create Impact & Grow Your Business For Less Than $1 A Day!

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